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Updated: Apr 11

En Ooru, Kerala's first Tribal Heritage Village, stands as a living museum celebrating the rich tapestry of ethnicity, cultural traditions, and social organisation of Wayanad’s indigenous tribes. Nestled in the heart of Wayanad, this village offers a captivating journey into the ancestral customs, artistry, and expressions of tribal life.

Spread across 25 acres of land once owned by the Priyadarshini Tea Estate, now transformed into a vibrant cultural hub, En Ooru showcases authentic tribal architecture and lifestyle. Collaborating with culinary artisans from tribal communities, the village delights visitors with traditional tribal cuisine served at its cafeteria.

At En Ooru Tribal Heritage Village, which is about 35 kilometres from Talking Trees Riverside Farmstay, visitors are greeted by carefully crafted tribal huts that offer a glimpse into the serene simplicity of tribal living. Wayanad, renowned for its natural beauty, proudly hosts this village, where ancestral tales and tribal laws are shared with eager listeners.

en ooru heritage village in wayanad

This ambitious 10-crore project, jointly undertaken by the Departments of Scheduled Tribes Development & Tourism, aims to introduce visitors to tribal medicines, handicrafts, and other indigenous products through dedicated stalls. An amphitheatre serves as a stage for captivating tribal performances, showcasing music, Thudi Thalam rhythms, and age-old customs.

The Kerala Government's vision is to elevate En Ooru into a recognized heritage site, celebrating the ethnic diversity and rural charm of the region. Efforts to preserve indigenous languages and support tribal livelihoods underscore the commitment to honour and preserve Wayanad's rich tribal heritage.

The objectives of this undertaking are many. From safeguarding tribal knowledge, art, and architecture for future generations, En Ooru also strives to empower tribal communities by fostering traditional medicine, handicrafts, tribal products, and supporting intermediaries. Comprehensive skill development and entrepreneurship training are provided to promote self-sufficiency among tribes. Improving health, hygiene, sanitation, and literacy through awareness campaigns targeting indigenous populations is yet another important goal.

By facilitating collaboration between indigenous communities, government agencies, NGOs, and advocacy groups, En Ooru intends to secure funding for tribal welfare programmes. Nurturing the talents and skills of tribal individuals in Kerala by offering financial aid and resources, as well as enhancing the market viability of indigenous products through government assistance and backing, are also attainable milestones.



Natti or tribal agriculture embodies a distinct cultural heritage. Millets cultivated by tribal farmers, wild honey, and various forest products gathered by indigenous people, along with traditional artefacts like Kambalam and Ambum Villum (Bow and Arrow), find a well-organised marketplace within the village, facilitated by the government's establishment of a tribal market. This marketplace serves as a vital support system for the community, facilitating brisk sales and bolstering the tribal economy.

Visitors can explore a diverse array of offerings, including bamboo and cane products, indigenous medicines, medicinal plants, and locally sourced foods. Craftsmen from the community showcase their artisanal skills live at their stalls, captivating the attention of visitors. This marketplace serves as an invaluable platform for understanding and engaging with Adivasis (indigenous peoples), offering opportunities for cultural exchange and interaction with community members.


Various indigenous tribes in Kerala showcase their unique art forms. En Ooru's open-air theatre serves as a platform for presenting these tribal expressions to visitors. Here, researchers and tourists alike can witness and appreciate the cultural richness of tribes such as Kurichya, Kuruma, Adiya, Hill Pulaya, Aranadan, Irular, Kadar, Kanikkaran, Kattunaykan, Kochuvelan, Koraga, Kurumba, Malai Arayan, Malai Pandaram, Vedan, Mannan, Maratti, Muthuvan, Paniyan, Ulladan, Urali Kuruma, Mala Vettuvan, Then Kurumbam, Mavilan, Cholanayikkan, and Karimpalan. These tribes perform a diverse array of art forms including Thudi Thalam, Mavilan Pattu, Tribal Archery, Thudi, and more. The primary objective of establishing the Open-Air Theatre is to preserve and promote these invaluable tribal art forms.

en ooru heritage village in wayanad


For those seeking to savour tribal delicacies and immerse themselves in tribal culture, En Ooru stands out as an ideal destination. Within En Ooru, two top-tier cafeterias are dedicated to offering authentic tribal cuisine, crafted from forest plants and edible tubers. These culinary delights not only showcase the rich flavours of the tribal community but also extend to include popular dishes from Kerala. By indulging in these offerings, visitors not only enjoy the taste of Wayanad but also contribute to the financial support of the tribal population. The diverse flavours served here not only tantalise the taste buds but also provide a gateway to explore the unique ethnicity and culture of the community.


Upon arrival at En Ooru, you will receive thorough support from a dedicated team. Operating within the facilitation centre is a heritage village management team. Doubling as an amenity hub for visitors, this centre ensures expert guidance for exploring the area. Should tourists have any grievances, they can readily approach our team for assistance. Furthermore, the centre is committed to aiding researchers seeking to engage with the local community and delve deeper into its intricacies.


En Ooru village offers robust assistance to tribal individuals actively participating in the operations of the heritage village. Within the village premises, a dedicated warehouse has been erected to securely house the goods and materials belonging to the tribal beneficiaries of the initiative. This facility plays a pivotal role in aiding artisans, culinary specialists, and other stakeholders by providing a reliable storage solution for their merchandise required for stall operations. En Ooru ensures the provision of all necessary amenities for both the tribal community members and visitors alike.



Tourists arriving at the Tribal Heritage village can now relax knowing that their children will be entertained. An upcoming children's park featuring a naturally designed play area is set to open soon, providing amusement for young visitors to the village. With traditional games and village experiences, this innovative park will reflect the architectural style of the Heritage Village, offering a unique and immersive experience for children and families alike.


The essence of Wayanad's culture is truly experienced when tourists have the chance to witness its wall paintings and sculptures. In order to provide a comprehensive insight into the tribal heritage, the Government is strategizing to establish a heritage walkway. This walkway will serve as a platform to exhibit the rich diversity of sculptures, paintings, and architecture crafted by indigenous tribes in Kerala. Visitors will have the opportunity to leisurely explore the walkway, delving into the intricate history and traditions of the community.


Exploring tribal traditions will soon be seamlessly facilitated with the upcoming Tribal Interpretation Centre in the Village. Housing tribal artefacts and architectural representations, the Centre will provide a platform for preserving and sharing the cultural heritage. Trained officials will curate historical narratives for each exhibit, offering visitors a rich understanding of ancestral history. This initiative aims to support students and researchers in acquiring precise insights into the community's heritage.


Tribal customs are intricately intertwined with tribal craftsmanship. Everything from the adornments they wear to the bamboo goods they create for sustenance falls under the realm of artefacts. At En Ooru Tribal Heritage Village, we organise Art and Craft workshops aimed at acquainting visitors with the fundamentals of tribal artisanal work. Through live demonstrations covering the production and design of traditional craft pieces, tourists are both entertained and enlightened. This initiative promises to benefit visitors from across Kerala, fostering a deeper appreciation for indigenous artistry.

en ooru heritage village in wayanad

Visitors intending to explore En Ooru Tribal Heritage Village have the option to buy tickets either online or offline. The website offers a user-friendly interface where you can browse through available time slots and select your preferred date for the visit, subject to availability. The village welcomes visitors between 9 am and 4.30 pm, providing ample opportunity to experience its cultural richness. Else, you could just head over directly to the ticket counter situated near the entry gate of the Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, located in Pookode.

Tickets are priced at INR 50 for individuals above 10 years, and INR 20 for children between 5 and 10 years old. A maximum of 24 tickets, including those for children, can be purchased per booking.


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