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These dishes are great for small gatherings, or even if you want to go solo! For prawns, beef, and mutton, please enquire for details.

Fish Fry

Coastal vibes on your plate! Fried to perfection, each bite is a crunchy sensation, a harmonious dance of spices and crispiness that lets you experience age-old recipes that define Kerala's gastronomic legacy.

*Price according to size and type.


Fish Fingers

A unique take on Kerala's culinary traditions with a modern, crunchy twist. The crispy exterior, infused with our signature spices, complements the tender and succulent fish within.


Chicken Fry

Marinated in traditional Indian spices. Ingredients like ginger, garlic, and curry leaves are included to add a distinctive aroma and taste. Deep fried to give you a delectable blend of tender, succulent chicken with a crisp outer layer infused with bold flavors of the spices.


Chicken Pops

Small, bite-sized pieces of chicken that have been breaded and fried. Served with your choice of classic ketchip or green chilli sauce.


Vegetable Pakora

Made with assorted vegetables, spices and herbs, the versatile vegetable pakora is not just a snack, but a burst of flavors and textures that exemplifies the diversity of Indian street food.



Popular Mumbai street food made with puffed rice tossed with onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and a secret blend of sweet and spicy sauces.


French Fries

Indulge in the crispy symphony of our golden fries, where each bite is a journey to potato perfection. Hand-cut and fried to a golden hue, these fries are a celebration of crunchiness on the outside and fluffiness within.


Egg Bhurji

Desi-style scrambled eggs with fresh veggies, aromatic herbs, and warm spices.



A diverse range of flavorful dishes which are all sourced daily and locally

Ela Ada

Rice pancakes steamed in banana leaf, filled with grated coconut and jaggery.


Pazham Pori

The Malayali's all-time favourite snack, pazham pori are a delicious treat made by coating banana slices in batter and deep-frying them until golden brown. To be had with tea, of course!


Onion Vada (per piece)

Savour unique flavors and textures as you bite into our crispy fritters - a delightful blend of the finest quality onions, thinly sliced, and enveloped in a spiced chickpea flour batter, deep-fried to perfection.


Parippu Vada (per piece)

Dive into the intricate world of South Indian flavors with our Parippu Vada, a crispy symphony of wholesome lentils, warm black pepper, and earthy cumin, all fried to perfection.


Uzhunnu Vada (per piece)

Doughnut shaped snack made with black gram, onions, green chillies, curry leaves, ginger, and coriander leaves. These golden-brown wonders boast a crunchy exterior that gives way to a soft, flavorful core.


Vegetable Cutlet

Crisp and tender patties that bring together a medley of colourful vegetables, aromatic spices, and crispiness.


Chicken Cutlet

Our home-made chicken cutlets are a testament to the rich tapestry of flavours that define the region. Served with ketchup and a helping of freshly sliced onion rings.


Main Course

Indulge in our special Kerala spread, created with love and the freshest ingredients

Lunch (vegetarian)

Known for its rich flavors, diverse dishes, and the unique way it is served - if you prefer - on a banana leaf. The elaborate and wholesome nature of the Kerala meal makes it a symbol of hospitality and cultural richness in the region.


Lunch (non-vegetarian)

Traditional Kerala meals with a choice of fish or chicken sides.

*Fish fry / prawns / beef / mutton - please ask for details


Dinner (vegetarian)

Sumptuous home-made dinner with a choice of Indian breads and vegetable curries.


Dinner (non-vegetarian)

Home-made dinner with Indian breads, vegetable curry, and a choice of fish or chicken sides.

*Fish fry / prawns / beef / mutton - please ask for details




Whatever your pick, be it black tea, green tea, regular milk tea or the classic 'adrak chai' (ginger tea), we've got you covered!



From single-origin brews to delightful blends, we carefully source our coffee either locally or from well-known brewers in Chikmaglur or from the filter coffee masters in Kumbakonam.



Milk, in all its goodness! Fresh cow's milk does not undergo any processing or treatment to extend its shelf life.


Fresh Juice (seasonal)

Our juices are lovingly crafted using the freshest, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables to ensure a burst of vitality in every sip.

*Prices vary


Soft drinks

Sodas, Sprite, Pepsi, Coke etc are available on request.

*Prices vary


Home-Made Goodies

In-house chips, pickles, oils, and what not - whatever we make at any time of the year , we're happiest when we share it with you!


Mouth-watering pickles from almost anything you can think of, from mango and lime to lotus stem and pomelos! Home-made with the freshest seasonal produce, you can buy these pickles in standard sizes.


Banana chips

Get these crunchy and flavorful snacks, freshly made with made local, chemical-free bananas and deep-fried in oil until they become crispy. Available in 0.5 kg and 1 kg packets.

0.5 kg


1 kg


Jackfruit Chips

A popular vegan alternative to traditional potato chips, providing a unique taste and texture. A delightful snack that combines the natural sweetness of ripe jackfruit with a satisfying crunch. Available in 0.5 kg and 1 kg packets.

0.5 kg


1 kg


Country Eggs (per piece)

Super nutritious eggs sourced from free-range chicken grown in our farm. Most guests take a dozen or two when they leave!


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